Friday, October 26, 2012

New home website for Jane Holland

You will not be able to stand the excitement of this announcement, but I have finally managed to transfer my old domain name to a new website, which is still under development.

There you will find scaffolding, rickety walls and buckets of cement, plus a few new structures - for instance, information on my poetry collections for sale, and a page for reviews and endorsements, now all gathered in one place.

There is also a 'blog' on the new Jane Holland website. But I don't see it replacing Raw Light.

Indeed, there's a link on the site to draw new readers to Raw Light. For I do intend to revive this blog's flagging fortunes with some new blog posts in the near future.

These days though, I'm just continually ... you know ... busy! And right now, fiction is the headliner for me, with poetry very much the sideshow. But it makes me uncomfortable, if that's any consolation. And I have attended one poetry event recently - don't all faint - so that's a good sign that I intend to make a comeback.

I may even write a poem soon. Yes, a whole poem. All of my own.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Poetry Critiques: the horror, the horror!

Having thoroughly and disgracefully neglected my old friend poetry for the past two or three years, I am finally attempting to rectify this fault.

I am heading off tonight to the Falmouth Poetry Group, notable members of which include poets Penelope Shuttle and Caroline Carver, and will grit my teeth to endure 'group critique' - the horror, the horror! - in order to kickstart myself back into the poetry 'scene'.

Tonight may be kill or cure, my friends. Kill or cure.