Saturday, September 27, 2008

The TLS, Horizon Review, and Throckmorton's Bookshop

I'm very happy to say that Horizon Review made the back page of the TLS this week. My colourful past as editor was flagged up for comment rather than any of the many excellent - some of them award-winning - poets, writers and critics in this first issue, but all publicity is good publicity, as they say.

I'm now selecting new poetry for the second issue, commissioning new critical articles, and looking for literary reviewers. This last is proving harder than I'd imagined. It appears I know only poets and poetry-lovers.

So if you're highly literate and critically engaged - or at least prepared to be - and fancy a crack at reviewing some brand-new literary novels later this year or early next, give me a shout.

I read some of my new work at the Atherstone Arts Festival, Warwckshire, today. Wine was enjoyed afterwards by myself, my fellow readers, and some of the audience in Throckmorton's Bookshop. An excellent bookshop to visit if you're in the area, and not least because they stock several of my books!


Bo said...

sent you an email to the address you provided which should let you into my blog, Jane. Great news about the TLS! x

Women Rule Writer said...

Would the reviewers be paid, I wonder? I review for both paid and non-paid publications. I love both but love being paid too...

Jane Holland said...

Sadly, it's an unpaid situation. The magazine is FREE and therefore there aren't any funds for payments to writers, or indeed for the hard-working editor (i.e. me).