Sunday, September 07, 2008

Hard Working Weekend

Carnaval at Dunkirk: Colin Dick, a Coventry artist

No rest for the wicked. I've finished the six riddle poems for Tescos and now have to start on the remainder of the photography and poetry exhibition poems. About fifteen of them, to be written in the next fortnight.

I'm also hard at work sorting out last minute stuff for Horizon Review, the new magazine coming out of Salt Publishing that I'm editing. I thought it would be easier than a print magazine, but there's actually an enormous amount of work to do 'on-screen' just preparing the files for transfer to Salt. Each one has to be combed through for typos and other errors. Each one has to be renamed for clarity and emailed in the correct order in batches. Each contributor file needs to be accompanied by the correct photograph and biographical information, all of which have to be sourced from various different places in the Horizon in-box.

Then there are the 'art' photographs - about twenty photographs of Colin Dick's paintings, of between 1 and 3 MB each, to accompany a critical article on his life's work - which need to be resized to ease transfer and uploading to the Horizon site. The resizing procedure can take up to ten minutes per photograph, as I have little memory available on my rather small Mac and don't have the most up-to-date software for the process. So I'm not looking forward to that!

I still have several reviews to read through before tonight, and a few other issues which need to be dealt with before I can start the file transfer process. And at some point this afternoon we have to duck out for a couple of hours to visit my husband's elderly mother who has just been moved to an old people's home, suffering from Alzheimer's.

So, not an easy Sunday here in rainy Warwickshire.


Bo said...

Hope you're ok! I've have to and read a tonne of old irish. This raw food diet is doing wonders for me though - ten pounds in three days...xx

Jane Holland said...

Going and grumbling, as the Manx say. Still under fire ... but too busy to care. Jx

Jane Holland said...

Ten pounds in three days, though!? Good on you, boy.

I won't weary you with my own ongoing tally. Suffice it to say that Cinderella WILL go to the ball, after all.


Bo said...

Oh excellent. I wouldn't stand for any of that mucky business about glass slippers, though.

Sorlil said...

Crikey, you are busy! I'd like to read those riddle poems sometime though!

Jane Holland said...

Oh, you'd probably guess them straight away and be disappointed. They're aimed at primary school children so not terribly hard!

I may post one or two up here AFTER the Warwick Words Festival - not before, in case someone spots them, as they're for a competition of sorts at the Festival in October - and you can have a good laugh at my lack of riddling skill then.

Good to see you here!