Sunday, September 14, 2008

Horizon Review: launch issue now online

The new arts magazine I'm editing for Salt Publishing, Horizon Review, is now live online.

Forgive me while I collapse into a corner and dribble for a few hours.

Then it's back to work.

I wrote a poem yesterday which I suspect may turn out to be the cornerstone of my next collection. It came to me abruptly, right out of left field, while I was desperately busy doing something else, as the best poems so often do. And it's kind of fitting that it should arrive this weekend, as I not only see Horizon Review launched but also a stunning advertisement for my next full-length poetry collection, Camper Van Blues, go up on the Salt website.


Sorlil said...

Fantastic! When will the book be available?

Jane Holland said...

Early October. I'll post something up when the day comes!

Meanwhile, I've got this very cool advert for my side-bar. Chris H-E is an excellent designer, isn't he?


Bo said...

Huge and well-deserved congrats, Jane!