Wednesday, September 17, 2008

5000 page views in the first 48 hours

The first issue of Horizon Review appears to have been well-received so far and is certainly bringing in the hits.

Some excellent stats here from Chris Hamilton-Emery on the Booktrade info page.

Meanwhile, back at the word-face, this week I have:

offered some new poetry books for review to various magazines

started - but not yet finished - a tongue-in-cheek 1000 word article on poem titles for Mimesis

written two more poems

emailed 10 finished poems across to the organisers for the Warwick Festival Photography and Poetry Exhibition that's planned for early October

enrolled at Warwick University for a BA in English & Cultural Studies

made final arrangements to read at the Atherstone Arts Festival on Saturday 27th September

continued reading Simon Barraclough's Los Alamos Mon Amour (which I'm reviewing for Under the Radar)

blogged up some Warwick Words Festival and Birmingham Books Festival events on my Warwick Poet Laureate blog

booked a restaurant for Friday night - my husband's 43rd birthday! - which will be our first meal out together in months

emailed all publishers with books under review in HR with a link to the reviews pages

begun commissioning articles and reviews for the second issue of Horizon Review

set myself to learn some deponent verb forms in Latin - OU examination coming up on October 8th!

printed out the first three chapters of my Young Adult fantasy novel, for some last minute revisions before it wings its way to a highly recommended literary agent next week

managed to slot in some new last-minute names to read at next month's Festival Poetry Cafe in Warwick

groaned over forgetting again to review Brendan Cleary's pamphlet for Write out Loud

got more than five hours' sleep on at least TWO occasions so far!


The Editors said...

God help me if you try to take any of my modules! Maybe see you on campus some time soon though.


Jane Holland said...

Hi George. I'm sure we'll bump into each other, yes. But re CW modules, I certainly won't be taking any of thosefor the foreseeable future. I'm doing Medieval & Renaissance Language and Literature this first year, and may attempt to do a classics module next year, if I can drag my Greek up to university level. (My Latin's not too bad at the moment, thankfully.)

So any CW modules are in the distant future, I imagine. And even if I were to take one of yours, George, you know I would sit meekly at the back and say nothing. Don't you? ;)

Sorlil said...

I think I live a positively idle life, look to the ant...!lol