Sunday, June 05, 2011

Southern Writers Conference

I'm off next weekend to speak as a guest at the Southern Writers Conference in Chichester.

I'll be talking about poetry, and even reading some of my own if they can't stop me quickly enough. If you're in the area next weekend - Friday 10th to Sunday 12th June - and are interested in writing, there may still be day tickets available.

I'm speaking on the Sunday morning, I believe.

Here are some of the other speakers' details:
Raffaella Barker, author of nine novels and contributor to the Evening Standard, Spectator and Elle, amongst others.  She is also an experienced teacher of creative writing.

Simon Hall, crime writer and (appropriately enough) the BBC’s crime correspondent for the South West.  He also narrates his own audio books.

Jane Holland, award-winning poet and novelist as well as being an ex professional snooker player.  She hasn’t offered any lessons on the Earnley table, but I’m sure that’s just because we haven’t asked.

Catherine King, well known author of popular romantic novels set in 19th century Yorkshire. Catherine will be well known to a lot of regular attendees at SWC.

Kathy Gale, with over 20 years of book publishing experience including editorial, marketing and sales management. She should make for a fascinating Saturday afternoon speaker.


Rachel said...

!!!! Somehow this little event has missed my radar. Probably because it's almost under my nose. Off for a quick google. X

Poetry Pleases! said...

Dear Jane

Unfortunately I won't be able to make it. The other night I dreamt that a large spider had bitten my big (right) toe. The following day, after checking her Facebook account, Rusty turned to me and said 'Did you know that Jane Holland has had her hand bitten by a spider?' Synchronicity or what?

Best wishes from Simon

Just_Martin said...

Well, the conference was great and Jane was excellent.

Jane Holland said...

Hey, thanks! (Tenner's in the post, ahem.)

It wasa great weekend, I really enjoyed myself. I'll definitely come next year if I can wrangle the time off from my hectic schedule!