Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Buy A Book

Grab me on Amazon.co.uk
I spend a few minutes each day tracking sales of the various books I've edited for Embrace Books. Some days it's good, some days I zip over to Twitter or Facebook to nudge the publicity machine along another notch.

Now and then, I also check my own sales.

Novel Rank, the excellent site I check most often and which tracks Amazon sales, has started telling me a sorry but familiar tale in poetry. Sales of my latest book, Camper Van Blues, have stalled after a promising few months.

So if anyone has not yet bought my latest poetry collection, Camper Van Blues, I'd be thrilled if you could give my sales a jump-start on Amazon UK, or over on Amazon.com for those in the US.

To read more about Camper Van Blues, or buy it directly through Salt Publishing, just click here.

What else?

Leaving a review on Amazon after buying, or sharing those Amazon links on Facebook or Twitter - such actions would be deeply welcome too. It would give me a warm glow to know I had garnered a few extra sales of my own book while the others I track are also selling.


Poetry Pleases! said...

Dear Jane

I have already got my copies of Camper Van Blues (one for me and one for my sister) but I shall definitely be buying your Tudor Historical when it comes out.

Best wishes from Simon

Jane Holland said...

Thanks, Simon!

Not TOO long to wait for the Tudor book now. That's due out March 2011 from Transworld under the family name Victoria Lamb.


Jane Holland said...

Sorry!! March 2012!


Myne Whitman said...

Good luck with your book.I do the same with my books too.