Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Editor Is Moving On

Sorry to see my lovely and very talented editor, Selina Walker, moving on from Transworld to Century/Arrow.

But I'm sure she'll make a great success of the new job!

For those who are interested in my fiction activities, here are the details of her move at the Bookseller today.

Meanwhile, I'm still working on the second novel in my Tudor trilogy for Transworld, HIS DARK LADY, which is stuffed full of intrigue, politics, espionage, theatrical goings-on, courtly splendour, grisly high-profile executions and, of course, forbidden love.

THE QUEEN'S SECRET will be out in March 2012, under the name Victoria Lamb.


Pauline Barclay said...

Wishing you great success with your new novels.

Poetry Pleases! said...

Dear Jane

There's no stopping you now and as many other original cliches as you can think of - whoever your new editor is!

Best wishes from Simon

Ranae Rose said...

Must be sad to see your editor moving on!