Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Loose Muse

Just briefly, I'll be performing alongside Aoife Mannix at Loose Muse on April 7th 2010, which is a Wednesday.

Loose Muse hosts readings only for women, though men are allowed to attend (but not perform), monthly at the Poetry Cafe, 22 Betterton Street, London.

It usually kicks off around 8pm, I believe. I'll be reading a selection of old and new poems, and should have a few books on hand to sell.


Poetry Pleases! said...

Dear Jane

Would you support a poetry venue that allowed women to attend but not to perform? Equality should work both ways. I would attend if I could.

Best wishes from Simon

Michelle said...

Loose Muse. I love it! Makes me think of your Mina Loy poem.

Have fun.

Jane Holland said...

Having been a snooker player for many years, I can confirm that some clubs do still refuse entry to women (in case they 'tear the cloth' is the usual excuse, but really it's about maintaining a male-only sanctuary). If you have ever spent any time at open mic nights, especially in a big city, you will soon realise that the atmosphere can be very combative, very ego-driven, very loud, and often with hecklers on hand to drown out the performers. Some women poets find that too much of a bear-pit atmosphere and are too nervous to perform. Personally, I have every sympathy with that, and certainly have no issue with performing at a women-only night. In my experience, far more men than women are willing to get up and perform their work at open-mic affairs, even though more women than men go to creative writing classes. So there's an obvious disparity there to address, and Loose Muse provides a welcome haven for women poets who prefer a less combative atmosphere.

Jane Holland said...

Thanks, Michelle. Perhaps I should read the Mina Loy poem in your honour?

Sounds like a good choice for such an evening, lol.

Michelle said...

Do, Jane. It's a delicious poem.

You'll have to read a few from Boudicca too.