Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Literary agents, celebrity spotting, and surprisingly small toilets

I went into London today. To the infamous Ivy Club in the West End, which is for members only - no, I'm not a member, but the literary agent I was meeting does enjoy that distinction, which is apparently by 'invitation only' - and having dismissed tales I'd heard of dot-to-dot celebrities hanging out there, was actually rather astonished to find that it was no exaggeration.

I had a lovely conversation in the ladies toilet there - just the one rather small toilet, albeit with beautiful decor, as they obviously expect even celebrities to queue - with someone whose face I recognised instantly. But the name, of course ... well, it will come to me, but she's a well-known actress ... or maybe presenter ... or ...

I obviously need to start reading Hello magazine or something. I'm useless at celebrity-spotting. Should get my head out of a book and watch more telly.

Anyway, following my hour-long conversation with this chap, which was tremendously jolly and involved words like 'exciting' and 'excellent' being applied to my latest writing project, I can now announce that I have a literary agent again.

Some revisions to do, then I may have further good news. For now, it's enough to note that I am a very happy bunny.

By the way, I read somewhere that entering the Ivy Club is like stepping inside a giant iPod. It is. Though an iPod with a very hushed and elegant atmosphere. If it's possible to imagine that.


Bo said...

I'm hugely pleased for you!! xx

Sorlil said...

Congratulations! Hobnobbing with the elite, there's no stopping you now! :)

Jane Holland said...


Thanks for the support!

Simon, your comment, which I approved, seems to have been eaten by the machine. I don't know if it will pop up later, or if it was under another post, and I've got confused ...


Poetry Pleases! said...

Dear Jane

Glad you didn't waste the train fare. Well done indeed! When's your shiny new magnum opus appearing? Please put me down for a copy.

Best wishes from Simon

Jane Holland said...

I'd better write it before starting to take orders, don't you think?

Not that I doubt my ability to do so. But I might be run over by an omnibus halfway through. These things have been known to happen.

Especially to poets, I suspect.

BarbaraS said...

Good news for you, Jane. Sounds intriguing, best of luck!

Rik said...

Congrats on the literary agent thingy - they're right little buggers to land.

My other half worked in the Ivy (restaurant) as a chef, back in the 90s. He has nothing good to say about the place; he couldn't stand working in such a 'homophobic atmosphere'. Thus my boycotting of the place is based on principle, not my lack of cash.

Jane Holland said...

Maybe it's changed since then, Rik. I didn't notice anything desperately conservative along those lines in the club itself, though obviously I was neither working there, nor having a meal in the restaurant.

In fact, there was one actor sitting near us in the Ivy Club who is as gay as they come. He seemed perfectly comfortable.

Michelle said...

Congratulations, Jane.

I was tickled to read about your Ivy Club adventure.