Thursday, March 04, 2010

The Dark Horse: a new website

Wow, a whole month between posts. Inconthievable!

And here's a totally impersonable return to Raw Light, taken from an email I just received from fellow editor Gerry Cambridge at The Dark Horse, a Scottish magazine launched in 1995, the same year as my own modest Isle of Man-based poetry rag Blade, but which has successfully stood the test of time and is now boasting a brand-new website!

The new Dark Horse website has just gone 'live' and is viewable here:

Please update your bookmarks. The old site, which was hosted for us by Edinburgh University, will still be online for ten days or so but will then be taken down. The new site is designed to be quickly updated and contains new material as well as a blog and an online subscription facility. So if you're one of those who hasn't subscribed or renewed your subscription because of the hassle of writing a cheque, now's your chance. Subscriptions are the Horse's life blood -- subscribe or renew and help us keep The Dark Horse the singular forum for poetry we believe it to be. Join the conversation!

Issue 24 of the magazine has just appeared and can be viewed here:

Two fine pieces, David Mason's consideration of Michael Donaghy and Julie Kane's review of the recent British Women's Work anthology, are available to read from the issue in their entirety, as well as poems by Amit Majmudar and Elizabeth Burns.


Poetry Pest said...

Dear Jane

Thanks for this information. I shall investigate! The pauses between posts tell me that you must be working on a novel. Have you turned to crime fiction like Sophie Hannah? At the moment I'm reading 'The Pregnant Widow' by Martin Amis. It hardly qualifies as great literature but it is bloody funny in places.

Best wishes from Simon

Jane Holland said...

I'm rubbish at plotting twists and turns, so crime fiction is out - unless I get my husband to help with the plot twists and motives etc. He's got that sort of mind ...

No, but you're right, I am writing a novel. Historical rather than crime fiction. It's a novel about a group of people, some real historical characters, others fictional, set in Tudor England.

I'm meeting a literary agent in London to discuss it on Monday. Don't yet know if anything will come of that meeting, but his interest has been a real help with motivation! ;)

Poetry Pest said...

Dear Jane

Good luck to you! I really hope that something comes of it.

Best wishes from Simon