Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Enough Reading, Start Writing!

It can be a lonely life, being a writer, and rather low on feedback. So it was a pleasure to catch up today with the kind words a few people had to say about my poem 'Day Tripping' on the Peony Moon site earlier this year.

Reading the comments, although fairly short, was a reminder that I need to do more writing and less reading - which is all I seem to have been doing in recent months, apart from the odd essay for my studies at Warwick. (Hence the long silence on Raw Light.) Reading is fabulous and utterly essential, but there comes a point as a writer when you have to say 'Basta!', lay the books aside and pick up the pen. Or pencil, in my case.

Which is precisely what I shall be doing, later this week and next, despite my pressing need to revise for forthcoming exams.

Though this week must also involve a quick trip down to Cornwall to see my eldest daughter. An important visit, since the latest news is that I'm going to be a grandmother!



Wow, Jane. A granny at your young age. That is really cool. COngrats to all. I'm about to be a mother again; getting v old for this but oh so welcome anyway.

Good luck with the resolve to stop reading and start writing. I need do do the same, truth be told.

Jane Holland said...

OMG, sounds like YOU need the congrats, not me.

There's not much work involved in being a grandmother ... not until AFTER the birth, at any rate. And since they live a long way from me, I doubt that we'll get to see the child very often once it's born. But to have another baby yourself ... well, that's something very different!

I'd love another baby. But with five already and me in my forties now, we decided to be sensible, so that's no longer a possibility. :(

Good luck though. And may the 'milk-haze' not stop you writing!


Bo said...

Congratulations! That's wonderful! x

Michelle said...

It can be a lonely life being a writer and it's affirming every now and then to receive positive feedback. Basta! Pick up that pencil!

The second issue of Horizon Review is fantastic too. Great job, Jane x

Michelle said...

God, how could I forget to say congratulations. Congratulations! Have a wonderful trip.

Sorlil said...

Oh how lovely, congratulations!!
I'm also about to be a mother again but I'm stopping after this one, nearly fainted when I read you'd love to have another after five! :)

Jane Holland said...

You too, Sorlil?! There must be something in the water ...

I love kids. Couldn't eat a whole one, mind you.

J ;)

Dan said...

Congratulations, Jane! I've no doubt you'll be better at the job than either of my grandmothers :S

"despite my pressing need to revise for forthcoming exams."

Ah, knew I was forgetting something!

Jane Holland said...

Exams ... yeurgh.

Who was that Chaucer bloke anyway, and why was his wife constantly in the bath?