Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Email Virus: Apologies

Many apologies to anyone who received a spam email apparently from my email account recently. I have today found many instances of other people online who have suffered with precisely the same spam message coming from their accounts, quite innocently, and why.

"This is due to a worm virus currently propagating itself through e-mail and instant messaging.

The worm sends various messages that entice users to click on a malicious link that leads to a Web site. Clicking on the said link downloads a copy of worm onto message recipients' computers. Upon download, it then gathers e-mail addresses saved on the recipient's computer and sends itself out to all of those addresses. It also creates e-mail addresses using common names appended with a domain name.

The virus, most likely, has acquired your e-mail address from one of your contacts. The virus then forges the "To" field of the e-mail making it appear that it came from you or one of your contacts. When a recipient's e-mail server rejects the e-mail, a non-delivery notification is then sent to your e-mail address."

I have no memory of clicking on a link to activate this, and I have no real idea how to get rid of it. I've contacted my email provider but so far no reply. My main question is, is that it, or will it strike again? Is it safe?!

Any clues?


BarbaraS said...

Ah, that explains it. I've seen this happen to a lot of friends over the last while. Use gmail? Just be vigilant. Most people know that these are not the fault of the actual email address owner and it usually settles down. Do a good scan on your 'puter though. Belt and braces!


This happened to me and I hated it! I changed my password and deleted all my contacts after as a precaution. (Drastic, I know, but I had to do something). My email provider never answered my queries about it. It made me email nervous for ages.

I got the mail from you but, due to the bad grammar in the subject line, knew it wasn't actually from you and deleted it.

Jane Holland said...

ISP customer care in general tends to be rubbish, though when this happened in a similar way to me with Demon, they replied almost immediately with some advice.

I'm with BT now, reported the incident and asked for advice on future security as I have a Mac and their usual downloads won't work on Macs, but of course they didn't reply. Very unimpressed, particularly as BT is not a free ISP. So what exactly am I paying for?

But several people have reassured me that whatever it is will not affect the rest of my computer or internet use, because Macs are still relatively safe from the majority of these things. But I'll be investing in some extra Firewall and Anti-Virus cover for Macs all the same - as soon as I can afford it, which won't be any time soon!

Hope all's well with you. Nothing much happening on the fiction front here, so I hope you're doing your own fishing!