Thursday, December 11, 2008

Latin & Leicester

Driving off to Leicester later this evening to read from my new book of poetry, Camper Van Blues, at the Friends Meeting House, Queen's Road, Leicester. About 7.30pm, if you're able to come along.

Jane Commane and I are travelling in together, so wish her luck. I mean, us luck.

It's a pity I'm driving, as it means I won't be able to toast - with alcohol, at least! - my good news of the day, which is that I've just had the final result through from my Open University Latin course: a Distinction, or First Class Pass.

I'm still kicking myself though for ruining a record of straight 100% scores by stupidly leaving three lines out of a translation on my last tutor-marked assignment. Although it wouldn't have made any difference to the overall bracket I was placed in, the class of pass being calculated by adding up the assignment scores along with the examination result, I do hate getting things wrong, especially through carelessness.

I'm beginning to sound a bit ... obsessive compulsive. Hmm.


Sorlil said...

"I'm beginning to sound a bit ... obsessive compulsive" - you're not kidding, lol! Congrats, you over-achiever you!

Dan said...

Congratulations! Next stop: translating the 'Aeneid'.

Jane Holland said...

I was actually thinking of the Georgics, Dan. Shorter and more suited to the zeitgeist. Also, I already tried my hand at translating parts of the Fourth Georgic when younger, so it's not as daunting as it might otherwise appear!

I wish I was an over-achiever, sorlil. Honestly, I'm very far from that, and am reminded of my own shortcomings most days when I come across things I don't understand or have never heard of. And I spelt something wrong today in an email ... !!

I blame hormones.

Bo said...

Well done that's wonderful!
Have you see Kristina Chew's interesting, modernist American translation of the Georgics? Published last year I think, and very interesting.

david lumsden said...

Congratulations ... ac laurea illa magnis periculis parta amittit longo intervallo viriditatem?

I'd be keen to see what you do with the Georgics ... always alluring.