Sunday, December 07, 2008

Geoffrey Hill Zinger!

Strictly for slavish followers of Geoffrey Hill, I found this blog earlier this evening.

Also, if you're feeling particularly slavish, there's even a GH Facebook group you can join here.

Have a very Geoffrey Christmas!


Andrew Philip said...

Don't know that I'd proclaim myself an indentured reader, but I'm sufficiently slavish to be grateful for the link (after a brief skim through the front page)!

Jane Holland said...

No need for gratitude, though it's appreciated. We Hill fans have to look out for each other.

I'm just posting something off to him this afternoon, actually. It's good to have him back in the motherland. ;)

Andrew Philip said...

Indeed we do! Where is he based these days?

Jane Holland said...

That would be telling! Though you could probably reach him courtesy of Hill's Grotto, North Pole. Of course, you'd have to write your letter in invisible ink, then burn it ceremonially and let the hot ashes fly to him through the wintry air.

He's based in Cambridge.

At least, I hope he still is, or my letter will soon be winging its merry way back to me. ;)

JKC said...

Thanks for the ad -- too nice of you, but uh oh, I see my not allowing comments means I'm doing an "advertisement for the ego". I thought I was making life a bit easier for students, but I'll consider the ego point some.
All good wishes for 2009!