Saturday, December 01, 2007

Photos from Aldeburgh: not poets, but seascape


Anonymous said...

Those are magnificent. Inspiring.

Jane Holland said...

Thanks, Wayne. I'm a bit of a sad photographer manqué: got my first camera at 14, intended early on to photograph the world, but somehow fell by the wayside.

The camera I'm using now is utter crap. No way of altering the focus, everything is automatic, I hate it. But I need to use a digital and my finances are such that I can only afford the cheapest models.

But as long as I'm not too ambitious, and use 'natural' depth of field to ensure reasonable focus, it takes bloggable photographs.


Julie said...

Jane, STUNNING photos - coming back for a better look round when the heat dies down. Cheers.

Andrew Shields said...

Thanks for the beautiful memories of the beach in Aldeburgh. I was there for the festival in 2000.

Jane Holland said...

That shell memorial is amazing, isn't it? It was nearly the first thing I saw on pulling into Aldeburgh - the one-way system drew me round onto the beach and, having seen how crowded the town was, I turned left on the front in search of free parking. Sure enough, there was a large free car park further along (free in winter, that is) and right opposite it, on the beach, this vast shell memorial, presumably erected to those who have drowned off the coast there over the centuries.

I had my camera to hand and leapt out, before even finding a space for my car, and crunched over the pebbles to grab this shot. The light wasn't great, and I can't adjust the focus manually, so this was as good a picture of the shell as I could take at the time.

The other photos were taken the next day, in slightly better light. Thankfully!