Thursday, November 29, 2007

Salt Autumn Party

I'm off down to London later today, for tonight's Salt Autumn Party at Foyles. This involves readings by a whole host of Salt poets who have new or newish books out, plus vino and nibbles for the rest of us.

I'm also hoping there may be a trip to the nearest pub afterwards, then I'll be back on the late train and home for about half past midnight.

Work for the train includes a sheaf of unpublished poems that need revisions and some Latin homework - a modern verse translation of a shortish passage from the Aeneid. I've finished the actual translation as a rough draft but I need to improve on the poetry itself, to avoid embarrassment in my evening class.

One of the big problems with my modern version of the Aeneid passage - she says, easily distracted from the main purpose of her blog entry - is that part-way through, it suddenly started to rhyme. And the effect was rather good in places. So I decided to rewrite the less mellifluous first half and 'fit in' some rhymes to smooth out the transition from blank to rhyming.


To make matters worse, some of the rhymes were not only full but distinctly Victorian in places. For instance, 'fell' - in the sense of grim/terrible - to rhyme with 'hell'.

So the whole thing needs more work. To put it mildly. Okay, it may only be a short piece for my Latin evening class, but I still want it to be good, damn it!


Bo said...

I did book six once, which was quite fun. Would you be prepared to let me have a look at it when you're finished Jane? I'd love to see it.

Jane Holland said...

Well, I'll have to faff about with it - it's only a tiny excerpt, mind, not an entire book! - but once I've faffed, I'll probably post it up here so you can all have a good laugh!

Talking of embarrassing rhymes, I'm rather proud of an utterly dreadful rhyme I came up with for a commissioned poem about Rugby market - now online at my warwick poet laureate blog (see sidebar) - where I shamelessly rhyme 'chrysanths' with 'underpants'.

Beat that for cringeworthiness!

Karen said...

I had to study the Aeneid when i was 17 and the most painful part was memorising the swathes of lines in flowery English for the exam. Thankfully my current 45-year old memory was a long way off!
What fun thoguh to play about with rhymes. I usually hate to write rhyming poetry but the kids I teach love it and can't get their heads around free verse!

Jane Holland said...

The end result isn't too brilliant, alas, and the rhymes are now few and far between. I'll post it up soon. Once I've steeled myself to face the inevitable laughter!