Sunday, June 24, 2007

Hey Presto!

Yet Another Colour Scheme Change:
Apologies to those who have come here expecting to be knocked back by a blaze of blood-red blog only to be greeted by this more sober black on cream.

I had a couple of complaints from people who were finding it hard to read the yellow print on red. So I changed it to black on red, but apparently that didn't find favour either.

So I've given up and crawled back on my belly to the more traditional colours for blogging, having wasted my desire for strong visual stimulation on a bunch of cookies-and-cream sissies ...


Ms Baroque said...

So, some cookies-&-cream sissy drops a casual comment in an email or something - not even in a comment box - & you just jump to attention?!? Come, come now, Ms Holland!

Seriously, though, it is easier to read. Plenty of stimulation round here in the words themselves.


Jane Holland said...

I'm such a submissive!



Andrew Shields said...

I played around with my backdrop a whole bunch earlier this year and had to re-adjust it a bunch of times until I stopped getting complaints.

Great, very readable!