Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hard and Unusual Words

This will be a brief blog entry, as I'm just off to my last Latin evening class of the summer term, and I do need to at least glance at the passage from Tacitus we were supposed to have prepared beforehand.

Some of you may have noticed a new blog listed at the bottom of the Blogger Profile page for Raw Light. It's entitled Hard and Unusual Words and is not yet ready to be shown to the public. I wanted to grab the blogspot address but haven't had much time recently for officially launching it, which is why it's just loitering there, untouched and unblogged on.

It's going to be based on an idea I had a few years ago, connected to Thomas Blount's Glossographia, a 17th century 'Dictionary of Hard and Unusual Words'. I'm not entirely sure how it will work yet, so more I can't tell you. But it will be a strange blog, that's for certain, and probably interesting to only one or two people. My apologies to the rest of you ...

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Jane Holland: Editor said...

It's 10th December 2007 and I STILL haven't started that blog yet. Feel thoroughly chastened too, as someone just found it by googling 'hard and unusual English words', got there, and had I started it? No, I hadn't. Such a bad person.

It's one of my New Year resolutions. Start that blog!