Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Baroque in Hackney

Some readers of this blog may be aware that Ms. Baroque of the literary gossip-fest which is Baroque in Hackney is going into hospital tomorrow to have gallstones removed. At least, that's what she's been telling her adoring fans.

And I am one of five bloggers currently 'signed into' her blog as co-bloggers, so that Baroque in Hackney need not lose its substantial daily readership whilst Ms. Baroque is waiting for her bandages to be unpeeled and the new Baroque to emerge, trembling and graceful as a new butterfly.

So over the next fortnight, do try to check into Baroque in Hackney from time to time, to see what's happening and which blogger is posting that day. I will be contributing at least two posts to her blog, which I have already sketched out roughly in my head. But since I always try to stay fluid on such things until the very last nanosecond, I shall not queer my own pitch by giving away any details in advance...

Good luck with the op., Ms. B.

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Ms Baroque said...

Dear Jane, thanks so much, and of course you may post as many posts as you like. Consider Baroque Mansions your playground. I shall tremble indeed, every time I click on my URL, to see what state my furniture's in!

See you in about a day and a half probably, you know what I'm like. Incorrigible, and tough as old boots.

Ms Bx