Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Making the Century?

No, not years, but followers on Twitter.

I only have a piddling 56 followers to date - though thanks to all of you who have clicked Follow! - and am really keen to get my first century.

I can offer my followers wit, comment, information, and regular retweets. I can also follow you back if you're looking to build your own community of followers there.

Genuinely interesting content is not guaranteed, of course. But that's Twitter for you.

If you're on Twitter, or would like to be, or think you maybe ought to try it, and you're not already following me, I'd be thrilled if you'd go to:

and click Follow. Thanks!


joehebden said...

I have very few Twitter followers ! I'm going to follow you, and hope you'll follow my poetic and visual efforts...

Jane Holland said...

Thanks, Joe!

Jane Holland said...

Heading towards 100 followers now. Thanks, all!