Wednesday, June 02, 2010

"Didn't we have a luverly time the day we went to Bangor?"

Off to Bangor in North Wales this afternoon, to pick up my second eldest from university ... along with all her bags and general rubbish.

It's a long trip, but I shall be driving along with several happy thoughts in my mind:

  • How I'm going to open the next intrigue-ridden chapter in my historical Tudor novel
  • That I now have a most excellent literary agent to represent me in fiction.

We were in rainy Folkestone over the weekend, visiting my father and his sister's family down there in Kent. Tonight I'll be staying in a hotel near - hopefully sunny - Rhyl. On Friday and Saturday, Steve and I will be in Hayle for his daughter's birthday party, staying in a caravan near the sea, not many miles from Land's End.

That's three coastlines in one week. Not bad going, for someone who lives at the dead centre of England.


BarbaraS said...

Good news on the agent front - fingers crossed for you!

Jane Holland said...

Forgot to say thanks for your comment, Barbara!

Fancy doing me a literary or art article for Horizon review sometime this year? Plenty of time to think about it. Won't be out until late 2010 at this rate.