Friday, April 09, 2010

Polesworth Poetry Trail, Warwickshire

Off to the pretty town of Polesworth in North Warwickshire tomorrow, to read some of my poetry and celebrate the opening of the Poetry Trail there, with which I was involved as Warwick Poet Laureate two years ago. Fellow poet John Siddique will also be there, as guest poet, and probably some of the other poets involved in the project. There may be music, dancing, a knees-up, perhaps even booze. Well, music anyway.

My commissioned poem on the River Anker has been set into several matching blocks of granite positioned beside the river itself. So human civilisations may rise and fall, an ice age may cover the earth and then thaw away, but Jane Holland's poem will remain etched in granite beside the River Anker in Warwickshire - no doubt much to the bemusement of future inhabitants.

"The Poets Trail, which was funded through the Advantage West Midlands Better Welcome programme, provides a series of poems showcased on small-scale sculptures.  The ten bespoke sculptures are dotted around Polesworth and up onto the canal towpath.  The poems were sought through a competition which saw entries come in from around the world.  The poems were decided by a panel of judges including the then Warwick Poet Laureate, Jane Holland."


Bo said...

How's the tooth?

Jane Holland said...

It's under control. Just.

The miracle of modern non-prescription drugs has come to my rescue yet again.

I've got an appointment with the dentist - but not for another two weeks, believe it or not. I just hope I won't have to have a trip to the hospital to get that old root extracted. When Steve had a general anaesthetic for his wisdom teeth extraction, he was hors de combat for three days afterwards and in mortal agony for about a week. Which sounds like something I'd prefer to avoid!


martine said...

This sounds wonderful, to be able to combine a walk with poetry, just excellent, I will have to pay a visit.
thanks for sharing

Jane Holland said...

Thanks for commenting, Martine. And for stopping by my blog. I get so used to the usual suspects leaving comments here, I forget how many other people read my blog entries, even though most don't usually comment.

I like the idea on your blog - rather Quakerly in essence - that it is what we do in silence that is most significant. I certainly agree that walking is an excellent time for thinking, so long as you are alone or don't have to carry on a conversation. Walking beside water works especially well for me ...

Poetry Pleases! said...

Dear Jane

I won't say anything heartless like 'Abscess makes the heart grow fonder!' Actually, whilst waiting for an extremely painful extraction myself, I found the most effective analgesic was Guinness. Re your recent visit to London, you seem to be able to achieve more in a day than I do in a month - even with toothache!

Best wishes from Simon