Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Horizon Review, Mark II

'The Dark Pool', Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller (1995). Photo: Cardiff & Miller. See Kathryn Brown's review of this latest Modern Art Oxford exhibition at Horizon Review.

The rumours are true. The poems are all in. The short stories artfully arranged. The reviews straightened. The interviews gasped over. Now the covers have been dragged off. The windows thrown open. The mangy old slippers replaced by spanking red stilettos. HR II is both done and beautifully dusted. Still a little tweaking required, but all very minor and after-the-event. Some apparent vague incompatability with the Vista IE7 browser, which happily I do not use.

But otherwise wickedly delightful, skipping for joy, and live online right now at

Horizon Review

it's the long-awaited ... [extravagant drum-roll] ... ISSUE TWO!!

Go read and enjoy.


BarbaraS said...

And a large glass raised to you, the Editor in Chief... or should that be chiffon? ;)

Bo said...

Congratulation Kep'tn!

Jane Holland said...

Yes, my plans for world domination roll on, relentless.

I can't remember ever wearing chiffon, though I guess, applying the law of averages, that it must have happened at some point. I'd like to think it was some kinky little black number during my Younger Days. But it's more likely to have been something floaty at a family wedding or else, quelle horreur, something 'outsize' with large pink flowers on it during one of my many pregnancies.

Sorlil said...

It's a fantastic issue, Jane, and I'm very proud to have my wee poem in it! Congratulations and I hope you get some quality 'you time' before the madness starts all over again!