Thursday, March 26, 2009

Amazon Reviews

My third poetry collection Camper Van Blues has been out a few months now, and still no reviews on Amazon. Which is rather sad. If anyone has read Camper Van Blues, and would like to leave a few comments on Amazon, I'd be ever so grateful. I'm sure it must help to boost sales if there's at least a few reviews. Assuming, that is, that most of them don't begin 'Don't waste your money on this steaming pile of utter ... etc.'

If you're willing, here's Camper Van Blues on



Mairi said...

Jane, I like your work and would be happy to write a review of Camper Van Blues but it won't be here for two weeks. If you want to e-mail me a few of the poems I can go ahead without the hard copy, otherwise I'll put something up when it arrives. Sorry to put this on your comment board but I couldn't find another address. No doubt it's right in front of me somewhere.

Jane Holland said...

It was further down the side-bar (things have kinda expanded there of late!) so I've moved it higher now to make it easier to spot.

Do I have yr email address?

There are probably a number of poems already on this blog from CVB: if you click on the Camper Van Blues tag below this post, you will hopefully find a few. Also on any post with a Poems tag - many of them will be my own, though not necessarily all from the latest book.

J. ;)


Jane, I will leave a review, probs later this week. N x


Done now!

Jane Holland said...

Many thanks!

I've been trying to avoid the internet this week, btw, so apologies for slow posting up of your comments.