Thursday, October 30, 2008

Having Been Tagged

I've been tagged, apparently! From what I can tell, being tagged is the blogging (or should that be 'blogal'?) equivalent of playing paint-ball and getting hit in the backside with a large splodge of pink.

So I'm supposed to link to the person who 'tagged' me. Write 6 random things about myself here. Then 'tag' six other victims.

I'm going to write the 6 random things below, because I'm a raving egotist and it's always fun for me to talk about myself. But I'm going to shy clear of tagging another six people, as I'm vaguely worried that I'll tag someone who'll consider me a damn nuisance and never speak to me again because of it.

Luckily for Bo, who tagged me, I could never consider him a nuisance, being one of my oldest friends now (in the nicest sense), and besides which I owe him a dinner. Several dinners, if truth be told.

So he gets away with it ...

Meanwhile, 6 random facts about myself, starting with the most obvious:

I was once ranked 24th in the world for women's snooker

I can't make pastry. Well, I can, but few would want to eat the results.

I've flown at Mach 2 (twice the speed of sound) on Concorde - London to New York - and seen the curvature of the earth. How many people will ever be able to say that?

My all-time favourite book is probably A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula Le Guin. (Harry Potter's an interesting character, but he can't compete with Ged.)

I used to run a secondhand bookshop called 'The Little Camel Bookshop'.

Family aside, given the choice between being in company and being alone, I nearly always prefer solitude.


Stephen said...

It's Mach 2.

I bought a set of the lovely Art Deco cutlery when they had the auction.

Bo said...

Bless you. It's been ten years, hasn't it?

Like the thing about the earth's curvature! And concur on solitude.

Rachel Fox said...

Making pastry is one thing I did learn in school! The secret is to keep your hands in the air...not all the time obviously but as often as possible. And not too much water.

Concorde is probably more exciting though.

Jane Holland said...

Ah, thanks Stephen re Mach 2. I did pause and look it up, very vaguely, by googling. (As you do.) But the sites I saw all had as Mac 2. But I'm sure you must be right. It certainly looks more likely, doesn't it? I shall change it forthwith.

Yes, Bo, we must have met in late 1998.

As you get older, you tend - well, most people tend - to lose friends along the way. Not deliberately, of course. People just go off and do other stuff and make new friends or get married or no longer have anything in common with you. The friends who remain tend to be those with whom you STILL have something in common as you get older - and who make the effort to stay in touch, which isn't always easy.

Though both of us being online far too much helps enormously!

Rachel, that's a good tip. But I fear it will have as much effect as freezing my hands beforehand or using ice-water or rolling it out on marble. All methods which I have tried in the past, to no avail; pastry and I are destined never to be one.

But I can make a nice casserole. With herb dumplings. Yum!

Rachel Fox said...

And dumplings beat pastry hands down. Boom boom.

Jane Holland said...

Very good. Actually, I even have to cheat with dumplings and use Atora, which is almost like having pre-made dumplings. All you do is add a bit of flour and water (and herbs) and Robert is your father's brother.

Chicken curry tonight, though. Ingredients only partially from a jar, the rest from my over-active imagination.

Take cover, Warwickshire!