Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Camper Van Blues

My third full-length collection, Camper Van Blues, has now been launched by Salt Publishing!

There should be an official reading from it at some point but for now I will be reading at the Troubadour (Old Brompton Road, London) next Monday 3rd November, as part of the Seam Magazine launch, and again on December 3rd, which is a Wednesday, with Ride the Word at The Old Foundry, also in London.

If anyone can make the Troubadour reading on Monday, I'd be pleased to see you there. Though it sounds like it may be a very popular night, so do get there early, which means by about 7.30, I think.

Other readers at the Troubadour this Monday include: Anne Berkeley, Michael Laskey, Helen Ivory, Chris Beckett, Katy Evans-Bush, John Greening, Esther Morgan, Peter Howard and Hisham Matar.


Andrew Philip said...

Let me be virtually the first to congratulate you, Jane! Have a good night on Monday.

BarbaraS said...

So, how do I get hold of a signed copy, then?

I know, I'll buy one and wait for you to do a tour of Ireland... ;)

Bo said...

congratulations! It is fantastic. xxx

Michelle said...

A bright, striking cover. Gorgeous!

Jane Holland said...

Thank ee kindly, Michelle.

Muvva said...

A few years ago i lived just down the road from the Troubadour - used to have lunch in there a lot. Wish I could be there but committed in the SW. Good luck, Emma