Friday, August 01, 2008

Poets Jo Bell & Julie Boden at Radio Wildfire this Monday, August 4th

Back from my beach holiday in North Cornwall, and not quite ready to blog in any meaningful way, mainly down to sheer pressure of work on the poetry front, but here's something worthwhile that needs to be flagged up for poetry lovers: Radio Wildfire will be broadcasting live from central Birmingham on Monday 4th August, and you can listen online that night (and then to selected highlights on permanent loop a few weeks later).

Radio Wildfire
Monday 4th August 8.00-10.00 pm (UK time).

August … and there'll be Gusts of Awe aplenty this coming Monday night for Radio Wildfire's live transmission with live guests in the studio and some dead good stuff on cd too. Sun, sea, and buildings insurance, Batman, it must be the British summer again! Last year it was central England turned into one great Lido, this year it's another historical seaside icon defying the smoking ban in style. Dave Reeves gets the hots for Weston Pier!

While some of you lounge around the poolside, we're taking our first serious dip into poet Julie Boden's privately distributed recording of a performance in Leamington Spa titled 'Nightmare on Clarendon Street' with music from harp and piano plus saxman Dutch Lewis. You won't have heard it before as there are only a handful of copies in existence, so tune in for a first hearing.

And opening the door to another holiday state, the man who gets to be writer-in-residence in Florida Keys every year, Michael W. Thomas will be joining us to pour out some 'Rye doom and gloom' as he puts it – or was it 'wry' doom and gloom that he said? Join us to find out and drink deep of these extracts from a sequence of short short stories.

There'll also be reflections on England from Jo Bell and tracks from the Wolverhampton Band The Lines, plus the usual eclectic mix of spoken word and music, comedy, storytelling, poetry, song and aural art, taken from cd and from our own ever-expanding sessions archive.

Join us: Monday 4th August 8.00-10.00 pm UK time at Build castles in the sound at the world's holiday hotspot …

We look forward to your company,
The Crew @ Radio Wildfire.

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