Wednesday, August 20, 2008

On Warwick: poems from the Laureateship

I've just sent off the final draft of my manuscript to Nine Arches Press, who have very kindly taken me on as their debut publication later this year, bringing out a pamphlet of my Warwick Laureate poems to coincide with the Warwick Words Festival.

It's only a very short pamphlet, but quite varied in content. There's my long poem, 'On Warwick Castle', and various pieces of commissioned writing from bodies within Warwickshire, plus some required writing for the Laureateship. That last category includes a selection of poems that will be exhibited alongside the photos which inspired them (taken by Anand Chhabra) at the Festival Poetry & Photography Exhibition.

The whole pamphlet will be called, very simply, 'On Warwick'. Once I know what the cover will look like, I'll post it up here. Possibly with an extract.


Stephen said...

Hi Jane

Thanks for looking by earlier, it's always a pleasure when one of Katy's friends comes visiting.

I always used to leave a short poem on occasions such as this, but Ms B's indifference to my efforts has all but cured me of the habit. So instead I'll have to settle for a bizarre fact of my own - my first skiing instructor was called Jane, and so was the second. Sadly neither of them wished to marry me...

Believe me, it's good to know that I'm not alone.


Ms Baroque said...

My indifference!? Sorry Stephen. No indifference intended... I can be lax answering comments sometimes.

Glad to see everybody mingling.

Jane Holland said...

Yes, I'll second that. Always good to see bodies mingling. ;)