Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lament of the Wanderer

Newsflash: I have a new chapbook out this weekend, to be launched at the Positive Images Festival in Coventry city centre (in the covered area at the Godiva statue, for those in the vicinity).

It's a single poem pamphlet, published by Heaventree Press, containing my new version of The Wanderer with facing page Anglo-Saxon text, plus a short introduction to the poem aimed primarily at those not familiar with either Old English or medieval elegiac poems.

I'll be reading from The Wanderer (both my own version and a short extract from the Old English text) roughly from 1 - 1.30pm on Saturday 14th June. Anyone who can find their way to the Godiva statue, which is quite close to the Cathedral, can listen for free.

I'll also be reading from The Wanderer in a few weeks' time at the international Godiva Festival on July 5th, which takes place at the War Memorial Gardens in Coventry, alongside poets Mario Petrucci and Richard Grant (aka Dreadlockalien), amongst others. Coventry band The Enemy will also be performing at the Festival that weekend, which has impressed my teenage daughter no end ... though she desperately resents my coolness at appearing on the same bill as one of her favourite bands.

Once the chapbook is out, I'll post up the cover image here, plus details of how to buy it online (or from me, if you'd like a signed copy).


Sorlil said...

Sounds very interesting, I know nothing about medieval elegiac poems, looking forward to ordering a copy!

david lumsden said...

I'd very much like to see your version of The Wanderer ... I look forward to you posting some details.

Jane Holland said...

Thanks folks, I appreciate it!

I'll post that information up real soon - desperately finishing a major article right now, which is causing me similar-sized stress. I'm at the stage with it where you wonder why on earth you agreed to write it and vow never to take on something like this again.

But of course I'll probably find myself writing another one in the near future. Because I can never resist an opportunity to sound off in print ...