Friday, June 20, 2008

In the Loop on Radio Wildfire

I was interviewed a few weeks back by Dave Reeves on Birmingham's Radio Wildfire and, as promised, here's a link to the Loop - i.e. edited highlights of their monthly broadcast, playing continuously online - and some further information about the June show, which you can read below.



The Loop has been updated on Radio Wildfire. Now playing 24/7 a completely new mix of poetry, story, spoken word and music.

The longest days of summer are with us, and here at Radio Wildfire we've The Loop to fill the longing of your daze. There's a brand new, never-before-heard, track from Wolverhampton singer-songwriter Chris Rowley; and an absolutely exclusive performance of his poetry from Derrick D, until now better known as a spoken word DJ – something that is guaranteed to start changing: excellent stuff. There's chat with and poetry from Warwick Poet Laureate Jane Holland, one-time professional snooker player and star of baize and screen, recorded here live in our studio. And we've programmed in previews from a reading with musical accompaniment from Julie Boden, privately recorded live on 6 June 2007; and from Richard Rathwell's intriguing cd/booklet combination Ultraeye - both of which we'll be featuring more fully in forthcoming live transmissions. There's more poetry from Brendan Hawthorne, musing on the hair raising topic of Perm Mutation; from Purple Patch's Geoff Stevens; and from the pen of Mardin Ibrahim with accompaniment by Zirak Hamad on Kurdish violin. Other music comes from multim-instrumentalist Manni; and in the shape of a previously unheard ranted squeezebox blues when The Wooden Horse of Dr Troy bellows The Slow Drip of The Blues.

And to bring even more solace to your solstice celebrations we've seasonal drama in the shape of an extract from The Elves Pantomime by Kate Sharp, one of the Crystal Clear Creators collective – 'Seasonal,' we hear you cry, 'But panto season is behind you!' 'Oh no it isn't,' we reply, it's a permanent pantomime here at Radio Wildfire.

Log on and linger where the literature loops – by going to and clicking on The Loop. The Loop will play online continuously for the next month, except during our live broadcast on July 7th 2008, starting at 8.00pm UK time with a full programme of pre-recorded tracks, live studio guests and conversation.

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