Friday, May 02, 2008

Fire burst through the ceiling - a new poem on on Nthposition

There's a new poem of mine - I actually wrote it about ten years, it's just never been published until now - on Todd Swift's online magazine, Nthposition.

It's called "Fire burst through the ceiling" and is about the bombing (during the Blitz) of Thurstons, a long-established firm which made billiard tables and, as I believe, also hosted international billiards matches.

In the poem, I refer to 'nursery canons': this is a shot in billiards in which, having manoeuvred the two object balls together, with the lightest of clicks you can rack up an impressive amount of points by simply flicking the cue ball back and forth across them. In the old days of the game, there was no limit on the number of strokes allowed once in that position. These days, points from nursery canons are limited - not sure what to - to prevent the game descending into stalemate and having to be played over a number of days.

"May poems (12 poets) are now online, including new work
by Kevin Higgins, Jessica Slentz, Jane Holland, and Sudeep Sen at Nthposition."

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