Thursday, May 22, 2008

Commissioned poem for Leamington Spa Railway Station: official reading Friday 23rd May

Tomorrow lunchtime I'll be reading a new poem, specially commissioned last month by Chiltern Railways, at the unveiling of a plaque to commemorate refurbishments at Leamington Spa Railway Station's Art Deco interior.

For anyone in the area, the event starts at 12pm in the beautiful main entrance area to the station, where original Art Deco tiles and granite plinth from the station's 1939 rebuilding by GWR were revealed and renovated during the refurbishments.

More information on the various guests, and on the station itself, are on my Warwick Poet Laureate blog.


Nina Davies said...

Stations and elephants. It must have been quite a challenge! I look forward to reading the poems in question and I hope you really enjoy unveiling them.

Background Artist said...

Best if luck jane.

i am hearing voices and they are asking me to tell you to ask God, if i can take my rightful place in the fire please, now you and bummie have got my fawns in a huddle?

are you banned from the BB janey woo?

i am, because of you, in essence.

innit mad how poetry pans a life out? how each descision one makes, impacts at some level on another's?

the only poetic justice is me coming back, maybe going to the station and heckling you, and then delivering one of my own, from memory, and the crowd assembled there, remembering me, and not you, as the live poet of the bunch, and in the typical island way of ours, that the official muppet, got there by being a bizzie bruiser, bullying her fawms into silence.

please, let me come and inject some tlc into you and bummie, go on, please mate/s?

Bo said...


Anyways. Jane - I loved your laureate poems. The metaphor of October thickening was one that had occured to me also, strangely.
xx Bo

Jane Holland said...

Desmond, your ban at the Guardian book blogs is in no way due to me. If you wish to comment here, and not have your comments deleted, could you stick to the topics under discussion? This sort of disruptive behaviour is precisely why your time on the BB ran out.

I am not banned from the Guardian site, btw. I am deliberately choosing not to post there because I find too many of the other users offensive, spiteful and ill-informed.

Thanks for your comments, Nina and Bo. I'll be posting up the elephant poem and the Leamington station poem on my Warwick blog very soon; maybe on Raw Light too, haven't decided yet.

Bank Holiday weekend ... too lazy to do much blogging at the moment, I'm afraid.