Saturday, March 01, 2008

David Morley's Online Workshop

I was very saddened recently to learn that David Morley - see my blog review of his 'Cambridge Introduction to Creative Writing' below - has been struck down with Type 1 Diabetes. However, with fighting spirit, he will still be hosting the Guardian's online workshop this month, which you can find here.

There's also another review - rather lengthier than mine! - of his book, amongst several others on creative writing, by Jeremy Treglown, which first appeared in the Financial Times on January 19th 2008 and which David has quoted on his Warwick University blog this week.

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Jane Holland said...

Unfortunately, the deadline for poems to David Morley's online workshop was February 24th, but I think his ideas are very much worth trying on your own. I rather like the idea of getting up before dawn and going out somewhere wildish with a notebook and pencil. I used to do that all the time when I lived in North Cornwall; Warwickshire just doesn't have the same rough raw appeal first thing in the morning; it's a much milder county, where early mornings are milky and congenial. North Cornwall mornings tend to scrape at your nerves and shock you into wakefulness, especially in the bitter heart of winter, walking too near cliff edges in a high wind.

I also love his idea of 'finding' poems from non-fiction such as field guides. Not a new idea, and I've done it myself using fiction, but when you look at the beautiful and delicately wrought poem he's made there from a field-guide to trees, it's a revelation just how much can be 'found' in that way.