Monday, March 17, 2008

David Caddy on "Tom Raworth & Comedy"

David Caddy's latest podcast "So Here We Are, 11" is an exploration of comedy in the life and work of experimental poet Tom Raworth:

"in essence the poetic equivalent of Spike Milligan"

"at the centre of the Renaissance in English poetry in the 1960s"

"[Tom Raworth] belongs to that tradition of English poets that are essentially and necessarily internationalist"

"My experience of listening to Ace and Writing and other poems read at Birkbeck College, London in May 2003, was not unlike listening to The Goons."

Listen to it here. The full text is available at David Caddy's blog, under Letter 11.

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David Caddy said...

Hi Jane,

Thanks very much for this. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow night.

Best, David