Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Blogging instead of Tinkering

Just a quickie this morning. As the bishop said to the actress.

Trying to avoid tinkering away at my current poetry manuscript - due at Salt Publishing roughly within the next six weeks - I did a random sweep of the blogs this morning, and noticed that Ben Wilkinson's blog, 'Deconstructive Wasteland', is shaping up to be quite an interesting read, poetry-wise.

Check it out here.


Bo said...

Very interesting site, there.
I also enjoyed your post about Paterson - I have the same book and found the essay a) beautiful and b) rather full of itself.
BTW do drop in any time when your in Ox for these A-S classes! Come for dinner - it wd be lovely to see you.
xxx Bo

Jane Holland said...

Yes, DP's prose skill is beyond doubt. But the content ... I'm not so sure. Sometimes I think 'Yes, of course!' and other times I can't help seeing the 'pose' behind the prose.

He's a highly persuasive essayist, of course, and needs to be, considering some of the extreme views he espouses. One thinks, perhaps, of Hazlitt.

Re dinner, it would have to be very early food or very late food, I'm afraid. My course is 7.30 - 9.30pm, in the Summertown area. It's terribly good, though. I've only been twice now but already my AS is vastly improved. Elizabeth Solopova (based at the Bod?) is the tutor.

Bo said...

I known her name....where from, I wonder.
Late food I can do.
Have come up with a cunning challenge for your poetic skills over on my blog....;)

Jane Holland said...

She's listed as a medievalist (English) on the Oxford Medievalists' page, so maybe you've bumped into her/heard a paper by her at some point?

I believe her area may be early English MSS and how to read them - i.e. when damaged - using new technologies, or put them online?

Sorry I haven't been surfing as much as I should. Tinkering instead of blogging, this time!

Late dinner sounds good. I shall zip over to your blog now, see what's going down ...