Thursday, October 04, 2007

Warwick Poet Laureate!

Tonight I was crowned - literally, with a laurel wreath! - Poet Laureate for Warwick, at the launch ceremony for the 2007 Warwick Words Festival. Much wine was consumed and a few poems were recited to a crowd of Warwick Festival Friends and local dignitaries. The two runners-up were Catherine Whittaker from Claverdon and Lucy Aphramor from Kenilworth, both of whom were there at the launch to read their poems.

To celebrate such a momentous evening, I had this 'official' photograph taken, and may even, at some point in the future, swop it for the rather sardonic one currently presiding over this blog. Though since I strongly prefer sardonic to matronly, that may never happen.

One of my duties as Warwick Poet Laureate - it's an annual post - will be to 'blog' about my activities as the year progresses. I've yet to decide whether that would happen here on Raw Light or whether a separate Laureate blog is in order. Knowing my love of 'new' blogs, I imagine it will be the latter, but I'll have to consult on that - and a suitable title for the blog! - with my new colleagues at Warwick Words before anything is finalised.

Warwick Words Festival 2007 has now started in earnest and will be running over this weekend, with places still available at a few readings and workshops etc. There are also some open mic sessions and a Slam!

For full details and to book, visit

Happy National Poetry Day 2007, and congratulations to Sean O'Brien, Daljit Nagra and Alice Oswald for their well-deserved wins in the Forward Prizes - just announced!


Anne said...

Perhaps you could photoshop the laurels for the official photograph?

Jane Holland: Editor said...

Do you mean put them in or take them out?!

The retiring PL, Helen Yendall, was so impressed with her laurel wreath last year that she claimed to want it preserved for all time.

Can't see the attraction myself. I just felt very silly and extremely hot.

The kids loved it though! They've all been trying it on, parading up and down the house, striking suitably bardic poses ...

Muvva said...

Congrats, kiddo!

Bo said...

Wonderful! Congratualtions!

Jane Holland said...

Bo! You're still alive!

I've been worried ...