Sunday, October 23, 2005

time for bed, said Zebedee

I've just returned from the Torbay Poetry Festival; here's a quick shot of the bay, taken a few hundred yards from one of the two main Festival venues, the Belgrave Hotel. Apart from the odd downpour, it was good weather for October, mild and even quite sunny on Saturday morning. I didn't need to wear a coat all weekend. I was also able to leave my car parked on the seafront for over 24 hours without getting a ticket, as there are no restrictions outside the holiday season. That proved particularly useful when I forgot my resolution not to drink too much and ended up staggering the long mile uphill to the hotel in the early hours of Saturday morning. There was a spicy beef pizza somewhere in there too, and perhaps a disagreement with a drunken Scotsman over the finer points of versification, but that story can wait for another time.

I'm still a little hung-over, if truth be told, so I won't go into too many details about the Festival itself until I've had a chance to sleep, take fluids and remember where I put my notes. Hopefully I'll manage to get some photos and text up on the blog tomorrow. Very briefly, the excellent Peter Porter was guest reader at the Festival Supper on Saturday night, there was a lively debate about poetry as therapy, and even Nelson got a look in at the Trafalgar Day readings.

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