Thursday, October 06, 2005

national poetry day

It's National Poetry Day. This year's theme is The Future. But right now I'm thinking more of the past. Here's today's playlist. No apologies for content.

I Try -- Macy Gray
These Foolish Things -- Billie Holiday
Something -- The Beatles
Not The Girl You Think You Are -- Crowded House
Black Coffee -- k.d. lang
My Way -- Limp Bizkit
Shiver -- Natalie Imbruglia
Brass in pocket -- The Pretenders
All the Way to Reno -- R.E.M.
Things -- Robbie Williams
My Sarah -- Thin Lizzy
America -- Simon & Garfunkel
This Used To Be My Playground -- Madonna
Memories Of East Texas -- Michelle Shocked
Left To My Own Devices -- Pet Shop Boys
Life's What You Make It -- Talk Talk
Don't Dream It's Over -- Crowded House

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