Sunday, November 13, 2011

"Disreputable" launches as an ebook!

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I have just revised and launched the Kindle edition - also available to read on computers and smart phones - of my debut poetry collection (Bloodaxe Books, 1997), currently priced at only £2.14.

Originally published together under the title 'The Brief History of a Disreputable Woman', some of these tender young poems also appeared in: Blade, The Guardian, Iron, London Magazine, The Mail on Sunday, Making for Planet Alice (Bloodaxe Books, 1997), Oasis, PN Review, Poetry Review, Snooker Scene and The Times Literary Supplement.

Retitled "Disreputable", this collection is published here for the first time in digital form with some alterations of individual poems and a minor reshuffle of the order. I've even slung a few poems out that were either embarrassing, never really worked, or were just filler and didn't earn their place in the book. In these poems, English lyricism meets snooker exposé, the longer narrative form is explored, poetic influences are mocked and celebrated. The book holds something for everyone, in other words, and is unusual among debut collections in its experimental variety of form and subject matter.

'Jane Holland uses language both as a weapon and as a shield. This is an intelligent book, knife-sharp at moments, tender and gentle at others' - Brendan Kennelly.

'Poetically she puts the balls down with an elan rare in new poets' - Peter Forbes, The Guardian.

I originally wrote "Disreputable" back in the mid-Nineties, staggering about with all my influences on my back. It's the usual raw magic and intestines of a young poet's debut. But some of the poems here won me an Eric Gregory Award in 1996, and it's great value at £2.14.

Hope you feel able to grab a copy - bearing in mind that you don't need a Kindle to read an Amazon ebook; just go to the Amazon page and follow the sidebar instructions to download FREE software for reading Kindle books on your computer, phone or other devices.

Happy browsing!

And if you're based in the US or thereabouts, here's the link to "Disreputable" on


Poetry Pleases! said...

Dear Jane

Good luck with it! I'll see if I can persuade Rusty to purchase a copy. You might have to wait till payday!

Best wishes from Simon

Poetry Pleases! said...

Dear Jane

Rusty has just downloaded your 'Disreputable' and I have also clicked your 'like' buttons. It's good timing as I was wondering what to get you for your birthday on Thursday. I'll give you my thoughts in due course.

Love from Simon

Catherine Miller said...

Hi Jane,

Because you are the most multi-talented writer I know, I've forwarded the Liebster Award to you from my blog. See you tomorrow, Catherine xx

Poetry Pleases! said...

Dear Jane

I've persuaded Rusty to write a review of 'Disreputable.' It should appear on very shortly. Many Happy Returns for tomorrow and we both hope that your birthday finds you feeling much fitter!

Love from Simon & Rusty

Jane Holland said...

Goodness, thank you, Catherine - I don't know what to say! That's extraordinarily generous of you.

And thank you, Simon & Rusty. I know I am meant to be writing a review for you too, but couldn't remember which one you particularly asked for. Let me know!


Poetry Pleases! said...

Dear Jane

First of all Happy Birthday for today. Don't drink too much on top of all your antibiotics! You could review my 'Back to Basics' or 'Seasonal Affective Disorder' or both depending on how well you are feeling. However, make sure that you concentrate on enjoying your birthday and recovering your health first!

Love from Simon