Saturday, October 29, 2011

Launch of 'The Wanderer' on Kindle

Available now on Kindle

I finally uploaded my single poem-version of 'The Lament of the Wanderer' to Kindle tonight, after months of dithering over whether I should augment it with other poems in the same vein.

In the end, I've just gone with the one poem, my translation of the haunting Anglo-Saxon poem, 'The Wanderer', plus the original introduction, with some changes, that was featured in the Heaventree Press edition in 2008. It's not very long as ebooks go, somewhere around 10 pages, but since the only reason I can imagine people wanting to download it would be to see an alternative version of the poem for academic reasons, it shouldn't really matter that it's so short.

It's possible that I may do a longer version, containing some other AS translations, but I'll have to make a few enquiries about that first, as all the poems concerned were originally published elsewhere.

My thanks go to Jon Morley, my editor at the Coventry-based Heaventree Press, who encouraged me to prepare the poem and its introduction for publication in 2008.


Sarah said...

Reading about your work on Twitter, for a while your books have been on my list of what to buy when next in the UK (postage is expensive and also unreliable where I live in Brazil). A while ago I tweeted something about not having a kindle and you replied saying that I didn't actually need one to download a book.

For some reason I ignored that as have been in some kind of denial of the advantages of electronic reading.

Then, when I saw your tweet about the Wanderer, I decided I really wanted to read this, and something clicked in my mind that I could indeed download the Kindle for mac. So, yesterday downloaded Kindle + The Wanderer, closely followed by Boudicca & Co - my first 2 ever book downloads and about which I am very happy. Loads I could say about The Wanderer, but for now I will just say that I love it. So, thanks!

Jane Holland said...

Thanks, Sarah. You live in Brazil? That's amazing. A far cry from my own home in quiet Warwickshire.

I'm very glad you've got to grips with Kindle (esp on a non-Kindle machine). I find they've absolutely revolutionised my reading, though it's true I spend more than double on books now than I used to. Which is not so good. ;-)

Hope you enjoy my work. The formatting is a bit tricky, but that's more Kindle's software problems than my own inability to get it right. And I've got a few more old books to reissue as digital editions, so watch this space ...