Monday, July 05, 2010

RNA Conference, Greenwich

Like a typical fiction martyr, I've been writing solidly for months now, on one project or another, and saying 'No thanks' to invitations to escape the house.

This coming weekend, however, I'm off to Greenwich, London, to attend the annual RNA Conference. It's a three day extravaganza where romantic novelists congregate and exchange advice and industry news, and spend rather a lot of time propping up the bar in ludicrously high heels.

This will be my first time as a residential attendee, though I've dropped in before for day-only events. I'm massively looking forward to it, and have even bought some new clothes in honour of the occasion!

My mother was one of the best-known romantic novelists of her time, and I do love romances myself, though the historical I'm working on right now is straight fiction. So there's a strong family connection. But it's also a great excuse to escape from the house for a few days, as I've become something of a virtual hermit in recent months, only talking on the internet.

Anyone else going to the conference, do please come up and say hi if you see me wandering about - looking or actually being lost. I know plenty of novelists online, of course, but have only met a small number in the flesh. That's all going to change this weekend!


liz fenwick said...

It will be brill - can't wait but am getting a bit worried about my shoes...might need to get more outrageous ones as I have just seen jane lovering's on her blog...

Jane Holland said...


Oh, jeepers, now I really shall have to excavate under the bed and in the storage cupboards. I know I've got some outrageous ones somewhere ... but where?

Jane, who prefers to wear trainers most days!

BarbaraS said...

There's always outrageous Docs? Good luck at the conference :)

Suzanne Jones said...

I grew up with your mother's books - adored them and I had a great many on my keepers' shelves. Unfortunately, my ex husband put my entire book collection in a skip (when I was 8 months pregnant and unable to fight back - one of the many reason he's now my ex) or I'd still be re-reading them.

Have a terrific time.