Monday, May 10, 2010

Holland's Miscellany

A brand-new site, taking my name in vain, has sprung up overnight at

It will feature posts on politics, sci-fi, humanism, secularism, and 'whatever else crops up'. Unlikely to be much there about poetry or writing, though you never know.

I'd be really pleased and grateful if anyone interested in any of the above topics would support Holland's Miscellany by telling other people about it - maybe by linking to it on your own blogs, or on Facebook or Twitter, just to give it some momentum in these early weeks as it emerges into the blogosphere.

First few posts so far discuss the new Doctor Who, the paralysing effects of depression, and the ramifications of a hung parliament:

'This is how the LibDems die, not with a bang but a lapdance.'

Hope you will find time to support this new blog, and perhaps leave some comments?


Poetry Pleases! said...

Dear Jane

Hope that you've all recovered from the ague. After dealing with the British Poetry Establishment for so long, I'm not surprised that you suffer from depression. Snap!!! How do you find the time to set up yet another web-site?

Love from Simon

Jane Holland said...

Sorry, my euphemisms were clearly too opaque. 'Tis my husband's blog, and 'tis he who is currently toiling under the whip of depression. I'm all guns blazing. Today, at any rate. Tomorrow, who knows?

Poetry Pleases! said...

Dear Jane

I've just read the Poets on Fire thread on publication. In my experience many poetry editors invite the submission of manuscripts that they have no intention of publishing. To me this is a form of fraud and false pretence. If they admitted 'Don't bother sending us your manuscripts because we're full until 2020' I'd have marginally more respect for them. As you know I was forced to put my own poetry on the internet where it has been read by well over a hundred thousand people. Had I relied on the goodwill of poetry editors, no one outside my immediate family would have seen it. I have wasted twenty years of my life dealing with poetry editors and I don't want other young poets to go down the same barren road. I would like to see an open poetry establishment where struggling poets stand a real chance of being published. Instead of which we have a profoundly corrupt system of patronage in which the only thing that really matters is who you know. I don't believe that anything is going to change unless the current crop of poetry editors resigns, retires or dies. Like you, this is an issue that I feel passionately about.

Best wishes from Simon