Friday, May 22, 2009

SALT's Natural Habitat is Fast Disappearing ... Can You Save SALT?

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"Please go to and buy ONE BOOK today. Because we don't want to say goodbye to SALT PUBLISHING forever."


Bo said...

bought one! (Yours, natch).xx

Jane Holland said...


I bought the newest Luke Kennard, and a super-duper Salt Publishing large jute bag. I already have five of them, but I have a kind of ...obsession ... about jute bags. Everywhere I go, a jute bag goes too.

Maybe I'm practising for when I run out of money completely, and have to sleep on the streets with all my worldly possessions in a large jute bag!

Tony Williams said...

The Kennard is great - charming, intelligent stuff. I bought David Gaffney's Sawn-Off Tales online and then dallied in the bookshop trying to decide how to spend my book tokens (Katy Evans-Bush and Julia Bird, in the end) and was late for a meeting. Bollards to work - I've got books to buy!

Jane Holland said...

Oh, I REALLY recommend David Gaffney's Sawn-Off Tales, esp. if you're looking for something short and entertaining to read just before bed ... or in the bathroom, ahem!

His wit is sharp, dark, but not especially depressing. Mordant, rather. I did a reading with Gaffney at Borders in Oxford Street a few months back. I'm not a huge fan of short fiction, but I thought his stories were just HILARIOUS. And they're so short, some of them only a few paras long, you have no time to get bored!

Steve [my husband] went to college with David Gaffney way back when. There was some bizarre anecdote he told us about Steve, bamboo sticks, and a B&Q car park scam. I think he's still trying to work some of that into one of his short shorts ...