Friday, February 13, 2009

Day Tripping at Peony Moon

The opening poem of Camper Van Blues is now up at Peony Moon, Michelle McGrane's excellent blog.

After last night's exuberant post, I rolled into bed at about 2am and was up again, too restless to sleep, by 6am. Feeling pretty wired now, as you can imagine.


Bo said...

what are your transits doing?!¬

Jane Holland said...

Do you know, I hadn't thought to check.

Sun square Sun exactly, Mars conjunct Jupiter square Asc., and Saturn in Virgo just backing up over my Mars/Pluto/Uranus conjunction. Some serious weather around Uranus and Neptune for months now, still rolling back and forth over various chart hotspots ... I won't sport with your intelligence by listing them all. Suffice it to say that pressure is being brought to bear.

But no new major or short-term transits to (or of) Uranus over the past few days, as you might expect from my wired demeanour. Though it was romantic fervour keeping me awake last night, and not of a gentle feminine nature ... not so much Uranian or Venusian as Saturnine and Martian.

Looking at that 'boi' of yours didn't help none either. ;)

Jane Holland said...

Um, that's transiting Mars conjunct transiting Jupiter square my natal Asc.

Just to clarify!

Jane Holland said...

The non-astrologers here are going to think we're insane.

Oh well.