Sunday, January 04, 2009

Mimesis, an excellent poetry magazine

Quick plug here for Mimesis, an excellent and restlessly inventive poetry magazine edited by James Midgley. I've been in Mimesis a few times over the past couple of years; this month I'm in Issue 05 with a somewhat flamboyant essay on the titles of poems.

Luke Kennard and Joanna Boulter are the other two essayists in that issue of Mimesis, which is well worth subscribing to. Poetry and artwork too, in abundance. Go check it out.


Michelle said...

I like the cover. Striking and eerie.

Thank you so much for your message, Jane. May you year ahead be filled with creativity, love and extraordinary adventures - and book sales.

Jane Holland said...

And the same to you, Michelle. I particularly like the sound of extraordinary adventures ... always been a bit of an H Rider Haggard fan!

Onward and upward.