Thursday, July 10, 2008

This Week ...

Sorry not to have been online much this past week, but on Tuesday one of my five year old twin sons, who had been off school with tonsillitis, was taken seriously ill with a viral complication. He was transferred that night by ambulance from our local hospital to the nearest university hospital, where he still is. I've been sleeping beside his bed during the nights and my husband's been taking the day shifts, so there's not been much time for checking email or blogging. (Rest has been a bit thin on the ground for me, due to frequent checks on his vital signs during the night, so my few daytime hours at home are mainly occupied with grabbing a quick meal and catching up on some sleep.)

Luckily, he seems much happier now than when he was admitted and is responding well to treatment. But it may be a few days yet before any of us are able to return to 'normal' life. Meanwhile I hope anyone who's expecting a book in the post from me or waiting for a reply to an email can be patient just a little longer.


Bo said...

I hope everything's ok! are you all right?

Jane Holland said...

Hi Bo. I'm ridiculously tired at the moment, but thank goodness Dylan has been pronounced out of danger and is today back with us at home. (His sixth birthday is tomorrow, so that's good timing.) I'll blog about the whole thing when I feel more human.

The blood tests finally came back yesterday, negative for meningitis. However, it does seem to have been some kind of post-viral infection of the blood, suggesting perhaps a problem with his immune system, so we have to keep an eye on him in case it happens again next time he has a viral illness. You see, he was already in bed with tonsillitis when the meningitis symptoms struck - insanely high fever, headache, neck pain, vomiting, purple-red rash that didn't fade when pressed - even on the soles of his feet and palms of his hands. It was all rather terrifying, seeing him so unwell, especially when the sirens came on and the ambulance did over 100mph on the motorway during the emergency transfer to Coventry. That's when you start to wonder if your child will actually survive ...

But how about you?!

I checked your blog the other day and it was all worryingly quiet there too. How's it going at your end? Are you still in town or back home with your parents now? I shall post off that copy of the Wanderer as arranged on Monday if you're still available to pick it up.

But there's one more amazing thing that happened to me last week. Wait for it ... wait for it ... A long-lost mutual friend suddenly contacted me via Facebook. With the ironic message 'Are you still alive?'

Oh yes. Will lives. And immediately sent me his girlfriend's poem to read. How typically Will is that?

aliqot said...

That sounds seriously frightening.
Hope the twins have a wonderful birthday in spite of it.

Ms Baroque said...

Jane, thank God he's all right - how terrifying. I know that hospital vigil scenario all too well and I feel for you. I'm glad he's back home.


Bo said...

Thank goodness he's OK! (Dylan, not Will, bless him.)

Jane Holland said...

Poor Will!

Yes, little sick boy is much better and languishing on the sofa right now, armed with his wondrous new Doctor Who fob watch.

Back to school tomorrow!

Angela France said...

Oh my - I've only just seen this as I've been away. I'm so glad to see that he is getting better. I've done the scary ambulance trip with a small child and there is nothing as terrifying.
Take care

Matt Merritt said...

Very frightening for all of you, Jane. I hope Dylan's better very soon (and that you get a chance to catch up on some sleep).

Jane Holland said...

Thanks, Matt! (And everyone else.)

Talking of being in need of sleep, I was so off-balance last week I posted off a number of Wanderers but didn't note down who they went to ... so now I can't remember if I've actually sent YOURS, Matt.

So if you haven't had your copy yet, let me know and I'll do that again. I may even need to ask for your address again if I can't find the right bit of paper.

Sorry! Still crazy here at the moment.


Women Rule Writer said...

I have a 6 year old so can appreciate the frantic worry etc. Glad he's on the mend, hope you can catch up on some rest now. Take care,