Friday, December 01, 2006

New Readings!

For those who take an interest in such things, I'll be reading from BOUDICCA & CO. several times next week.

The first of these occasions will be on Tuesday 5th December at Night Blue Fruit, a poetry event at the Tin Angel in Coventry, with open mic slots available for those who might like to turn up and read their own. I like this venue so much I've actually written a long poem about it, entitled NIGHT BLUE FRUIT AT THE TIN ANGEL, part of which found its way onto this blog the day after I wrote it, I seem to recall, way back in late 2005 when this blog was very new indeed. It was one of my first ever posts.

Then I'll be headlining at Starbucks Poetry Night in Martineau Place, Birmingham, on Wednesday 6th December. This will be the first time I've ever read in a coffee bar. Poetry & Pints, yes. Hundreds of times, in fact. But I think Coffee & Couplets is a first!

Finally, I may also be reading on Thursday 7th December at a special dinner & poetry event in Stoneleigh Village Hall, which is near Coventry. However, this gig has not been confirmed, as the lady who invited me to read about three months ago has not been back in touch about the details. Sheila, if you're reading this, perhaps you could drop me an email?

Copies of BOUDICCA & CO should be available at each of these readings.

In completely unrelated news, I've just got hold of the PUMP IT UP! workout on DVD and tried it today. A full hour and twenty minutes of dance aerobics from warm up to chill down, with some incredibly hard work in between. At one stage my face was glowing bright red and I was worried I might not actually survive the attempt. Not aching too much tonight -- but perhaps in the morning the full extent of my foolishness will be revealed!


Rob Mackenzie said...

Starbucks and poetry? Is this a regular thing that Starbucks do in Birmingham?

I'm wondering because if there is a precedent, I might approach a Starbucks in Edinburgh and suggest they do the same thing. I might anyway, but it might help if it's already happening somewhere else.

Jane Holland: Editor said...

I believe this was the SECOND open mic & guests evening poetry event in Starbucks, Birmingham. I don't know how long it will run, but, as I understand it, the event is connected to the recent Starbucks residency awarded to Birmingham poet Roy McFarlane, who can probably be contacted through the MSN group New October Poets. I do have his email as well, but obviously would rather give it back channel, so to speak, rather than on a public blog. If you email me, in other words, I can forward his email address to you. See My Profile on the Poets on Fire blog site for that.

As for the sponsorship required, I didn't get paid cash for reading at this event but I did sell some books AND I got some rather nice freebies from Starbucks, worth over £21, including special Christmas coffee beans and a thermos-style coffee mug with lid!

So, go for it and good luck ...