Friday, September 15, 2006

Autumn Launch dates for BOUDICCA & CO.

Here are some forthcoming performance dates for the autumn launch of BOUDICCA & CO., to be updated nearer the time. Please see the News page on my website for full details.

Copies of my new poetry collection BOUDICCA & CO. should be available at most of these events, but if you want one and can't make it to a reading, you can buy it online at a discount by visiting Salt Publishing.

Thursday 5th October NATIONAL POETRY DAY
Rugby Library
Afternoon Reading at Poetry Cafe, with Q&A session

Saturday 7th October
Warwick Festival
Lunchtime cafe reading, guest poet

Friday 13th October
Electric Cinema, Birmingham
Finale to the Birmingham Book Fair
& End of Laureateship Party
36 performers through to last 6

Sunday November 5th
Buzzwords, Cheltenham
Evening workshop
followed by guest poet slot with open mic

Date to be finalised (Saturday nights)
The Cellar, Poetry Society Cafe, London
Guest poet



changapeluda said...

Hey so I went to the Salt place to buy your book and they said it hasn't been published yet. But I did get to read the poem about your last pregnancy....For some reason it reminded me of Frida Kahlo. And I loves me some Frida

Is your new book just not available in America yet?

Jane Holland said...

Hey changapeluda, good to see you here again.

Sorry you couldn't grab a copy of my book at Salt - it's not out yet, though soon, soon, be patient! This was just a list of autumn launch dates, the first of which is October 5th -- National Poetry Day here in the UK. So that's when I'm launching, although it was originally meant to be November 1st. For various reasons, it was brought slightly forward into October. So you should be able to buy a copy in a few weeks' time. Though I'm a little surprised you couldn't order one in advance!

Salt sells very widely in the USA - it's almost more of a US company than a British one, I think! (And of course the Australian poet John Kinsella is one of the editors at Salt, so it has strong Australian connections too.) Basically, you shouldn't have any trouble at all buying a copy at the usual online discount ... in a few weeks' time!

Sorry to raise your hopes of instant purchase and then dash them in such a cruel manner, I was just advertising my UK launch dates in advance for those over here able to make the party.

I'm sure you'll be with me in spirit though! ;)

Jane x

changapeluda said...

Yes Indeed, I will be there in spirit!

And After October 5th I will be there, all up in your book!

Anonymous said...

And I'll be there in person if you make SURE I have the PoSoc date.

Jane Holland said...

Hello my dear. It's not decided yet, alas. Niall and I just sort of went 'Yeah, gotta do that sometime soon' - via email - but didn't get any further with a definite date.

No hurry, I haven't even got the book yet. We were waiting on a few last minute endorsements for the cover, so it's only just gone to the printers. Looks like my first official reading with Book in Hand will be my Buzzwords gig at Cheltenham, run by Angela France. Pays well too, so that's a good start to my readings! Sunday November 5th, 7pm.

However, I am thinking about trying to get down to London for the Poetry & Climate Change debate/discussion on Sunday 29th October at the Purcell Room (South Bank), round 4.30pm.

The debate theme appeals to me as the poems/poetry ideas I'm working on at the moment are sort of connected to that. Can't say more, as it tends to destroy the creative process. Suffice it to say I'm interested and will TRY to get down for that.

But, as usual, all plans are subject to change at the last moment. Except for gigs where I actually get paid. Now THOSE I make damn sure I can attend.