Saturday, August 05, 2006

gecko tattoo

Should I get a tattoo? My eldest daughter has come to stay for the summer, as she has nowhere else to go while college is out, and though we have no room for her in the house - my other four children are all in residence, plus a visiting step-daughter - she's camping out in our back garden, pictured above. She's brought with her a small green gecko in the form of a tattoo on her wrist. Rather lovely, I thought.

Should I get one myself? Maybe not a gecko like hers, but perhaps a discreet little Scorpion on my upper arm or shoulder?

I hate pain though, such a coward ...


Katy Evans-Bush said...

She's so sweet!

Yep, go for it.

Jane Holland said...

Sweet? No, definitely not ... she is the antithesis of sweet and would, indeed, be horrified to hear you describe her thus.

Though she'd be no good at Glastonbury. After one night in the tent, she stumbled in this morning at 9am looking wrecked and crawled upstairs to sleep in one of her sisters' beds, complaining of strange noises in the night, biting ants, lumps in the ground, too much light, etc.

Nice to see you on Raw Light, Katy!

J x

Dave Love said...

Well, yes Jane I think you should get a tattoo.

I think as a writer who addresses the further out sides of life, to know how a tattoo feels would be a bonus. I have often thought about it myself, just how much does it hurt, what does it feel like to have that thing under your skin? For some reason blood tests scare me more, but then again I've had those.

I think you should think very hard about what you get though - find something that embodies your attitude to life.

Hugh O'Donnell said...

Lovely web blog.

I'm new in town - got your link from Northzine - and if you have a spare few seconds please visit my blg.


Nina Davies said...

Hi Jane -
I have a two Scorpions holding a skull at the top of my left arm. Perhaps your could have a Scorpion holding your new collection in one of its claws. I'm sure it would encourage sales at your book launch. It will be painful but not as painful as RSI. The itching afterwards is worse than the pain -pile cream helps (a tip I picked up from a guy who later died of a heroin overdose).

Editor: Jane Holland said...

Congratulations, Nina! I think you have to win the most amusing reply to a blog entry competition. Which I didn't know I was running, but that excellent reply certainly deserves some sort of acknowledgement!

Pain? Itching?

I'm rapidly changing my mind about this tattoo idea. My daughter Kt says the tattooist had to stop for ten minutes to let her lie down as she was so close to fainting from the pain.

Blearh ...

changapeluda said...

I saw a very cool tattoo just today

It was some kind of round Celtic looking thingie with the words
"to thine own self be true"
written in script around it.

the exciting thing about tattoos
(and i don't even have one :)

is that you can get ANYTHING
you want within artistic reason which of course is boundless....

Anonymous said...

hi i have 3 tattoos all in different places and found that the pain deppends on where you get it done on your body but i find the pain pretty bariable and i am wimp when it comes to pain i think you should get a tat but dont pick it when it scabs over as you will need to go back to have it touched up as it will go patchy but go for it